Fashionably Late

Okay, totally guilty. Being late is my MO. Not proud of it, but it's who I am. Being a working mom, honestly just a mom in general, life is so busy and I am constantly being pulled in many directions. I have been working really hard to change this about myself, but you know, it's not easy.

I needed a simple fix that could drastically help me improve my timeliness, but gave up when I couldn't find an easy solution. I finally found a simple hack that saves me a bunch of time, a change that I made not for that purpose, but found that it has been really helpful. 

I have been more mindful in the pieces of clothing I have been buying. Sounds unrelated to timeliness, right? That's what I would have said, but really I would be wrong. Purchasing more functional clothing that can fit multiple occasions has been key. I can go from the store to a nicer business dinner without having to change. It has been life changing. The amount of time I used to spend having to change from one event to the next. Now I have picked items that are comfortable for running errands or working at home, but also cute for those times I need to look a little more presentable. 

What I love about our fall collection is just that. Most of our pieces are multifunctional. They are super comfortable and casual but can also be dressed up in a way to be more presentable when needed.

This has been one our favorite collections so far. I look forward to releasing the new arrivals for our next line of the fall collection. They have the same vibes and really fit my lifestyle. So if you are anything like me, a busy working mom, or anyone who juggles more than one hat, then we have the line for you.

I mean.. it's not foolproof, but it should help. And if you are late, it's best to be fashionably late.

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