Quality; What Is It? And Why Have It?

We all know the "disposable" clothing trend. Wear something once for a specific setting and get something new the next time around. While it may seem like the only way to stay on trend, there are many other, more practical, ways to do so. 

The importance on buying products that you intend to wear more than a few short weeks is huge for many reasons. You will save money, time, the earth, and your sanity. Let me break it down.

First, it is financially smarter. You will spend less money when you slow down your purchases, even if the products you are buying have a higher sticker price. Skeptical huh? I was too at first, but hear me out. When you purchase a staple piece, it stays on trend. You will get years of wear out of something that doesn't go out of style. You end up paying a little more up front, but buying less down the road. 

Secondly, it saves you time. When you're purchasing staple quality pieces, you spend less time scrolling through pages or out at the shops trying to find the new on trend piece. That's why many of our offerings lean toward the neutral and classic look that are bound to stay on trend. You find the piece that calls your name and wear it for years on end.

Third, this is more sustainable for our Earth. According to Business Insider, 10% of total global carbon emissions are at the hands of fashion production. Talk about staying on trend. Pretty sure keeping our environment healthy is pretty rad!

Lastly, you know how it goes. See a fashion trend on TikTok and by the time you get out to get the pieces to recreate the look, it's sold out or sadly, already "cheugy". Trends change with the blink of an eye. Especially with social media. So invest in staple pieces. We are in no way saying don't ever shop trends, just invest the real money in staples.

Now, that's where quality comes in. What is quality? It is the degree of excellence that something is made. Now in the terms of clothing, it means the garment is able to withstand normal laundering without losing color, seams staying in tact and not tearing with normal wear, is free of defects and imperfections.

The Upper Collective holds this to a high standard. When we do not like the quality personally, we simply do not sell it. We really put meaning to the statement "we sell quality". This is a huge thing for us. We feel we have been burned by boutiques who sell products saying they have quality, but there is no backing to it. Their definition of quality isn't really anything other than "it's cute". 

When buying staple pieces, you have to think quality. Quality is what will make it last. That is why you will save money, the environment, and time searching to find a replacement. Quality is key. That is our priority. To provide you quality products that will last you forever. Our goal is to get you a good buy. 




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